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Kyniska Palace combines uniquely a 5-star hospitality experience with exciting experiences, perfect for all seasons. Rest assured that your stay in a hotel has never been so complete before.

The famous sights of Sparta and Mystras a breath away from your hotel are waiting to be discovered.

The lovers of nature, sports and alternative experiences will find their ultimate destination at Kyniska Palace. Besides, what’s better than a relaxing spa and a chromotherapy at the Jacuzzi after a day of hiking in Taygetos or a roa dtrip to the beauties of the Peloponnese?

Explore the unique, authentic experiences Kyniska Palace Hotel offers and do not hesitate to ask our experienced staff to advise you or to organize for you whatever you wish.

Famous sites and must-visit destinations

The legendary city of Menelaus and the homeland of Leonidas may not be reminiscent of the Ancient Sparta in anything, but it is full of evidence that witness its majestic past. The new Sparta is built south of the center of the ancient city according to the neoclassical urban planning standards.

Walks in nature

The wider area of ​​the Kyniska Palace hotel is ideal for beautiful walks in nature, following the European path E4 that crosses the region of Laconia.

Alternative nature activities

According to mythology, Taygetos borrows its name from Taygeti, one of the Atlantis, who was transformed into a deer from Artemis to escape from Zeus. The mythical mountain, also called Pentadactyllos, offers wonderful cobbled paths that start from the plain, as well as many demanding paths that lead to the tops.

Road trips in Peloponnese

Routes of unparalleled natural beauty, wild landscapes that enchant, historic destinations, orgasmic nature, great archaeological sites and museums, under the strong light of the Peloponnesian sun. Starting from your hotel in MystrasKyniska Palace, get in the car and start an unforgettable road trip to reveal the beauties of the area one by one.