At Kyniska Palace our goal is to make gastronomy an integral part of your travel experience. For this reason, we choose the most exquisite local and Greek products, we draw inspirationfrom the treasures of the Laconian land and offer you an experience of taste that will remain engraved in your mind as a special part of your stay. Here, traditional flavors are combined with modern techniques and style, giving a brand-new touch of freshness to our dishes.

Enjoy a hearty, delightful breakfast, a romantic dinner for two in our restaurant, a signature cocktail at the Pool bar and a traditional Greek coffee at the hotel’s traditional café. Kyniska Palace invites you to explore and discover with all your senses the true meaning of Greek gourmet.

Myles Restaurant

Borrowing its name from the mythical king of Laconia, Myles, who, according to mythology, invented the millstone used to grind grain, the restaurant in Mystras, Myles Restaurant at Kyniska Palace Hotel, welcomes its guests either to the warm and welcoming hall, or to the beautiful outdoor area by the pool, and aspires to offer an unsurpassed gastronomic journey.

Breakfast at Dion

Start your day right and fill your body with energy, enjoying our rich buffet breakfast served at our breakfast room Dion. Drink your freshly squeezed juices made from local oranges and taste a variety of traditional delicacies, while admiring the natural beauty of the area.

Pool Bar Celaeno

In an atmospheric space beside the beautiful pool of your hotel , the Celaeno pool bar serves a wide variety of special drinks and signature cocktails.

Greek traditional café

A wonderful, nostalgic café takes our guests into a journey through time. At the hotel’s traditional Greek café you can enjoy your coffee, tea, or local delicacies while feeling the almost mystical energy of the place.