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Myles Restaurant

Myles Restaurant

Borrowing its name from the mythical king of Laconia, Myles, who, according to mythology, invented the millstone used to grind grain, the restaurant in Mystras, Myles Restaurant at Kyniska Palace Hotel, welcomes its guests either to the warm and welcoming hall, or to the beautiful outdoor area by the pool, and aspires to offer an unsurpassed gastronomic journey.

Inspired by Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, our chef prepares delicious dishes and traditional flavors with a modern twist, full of aromas and beautiful colors that will wake up your taste buds and spark up your enjoyment.

Choose your favorite dish from Myles Restaurant’s menu and combine it with one of the finest wines from our rich selection. Welcome to Myles Restaurant in Mystras. Are you ready to taste the magic of Greek Mediterranean cuisine?

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