The Hotel

The Hotel

Kyniska Palace: Enliven your senses

Kyniska Palace is a serene hideaway at the foothills of mountain Taygetos where nature, discreet luxury and local myths are in perfect harmony.If you are looking for a breathtaking, all year round holiday experience, full of comfort and authentic hospitality in the heart of the Peloponnese, this is the place to be.

Built by the glorious Spartan stone, 10 minutes from the center of Sparta and only 5 minutes from the legendary castle town of Mystras, this brand-new, 5 star hotel in the Peloponnese, develops with respect to the scenery, through 9 buildings and 32 luxury suites.

Lose track of time and allow yourself to drift into an enchanting, almost mystical “journey” surrounded by the awe-inspiring and wildly beautiful Peloponnesian landscape.

Close your eyes and listen to the horses of Kyniska, the first female Olympic champion in chariot races of Ancient Greece in 396 BC. Travel back in time to legendary Sparta exploring the archaeological site located at our hotel. Experience the unique vibrations of this place while gazing at Taygetos or watching a play at our outdoor amphitheater inspired by the architectural lines of an ancient theater. Feel the energy of the castle town of Mystras, by following the steps of Constantine Palaiologus, the last Byzantine emperor who began his journey to Constantinople in 1449 from Mystras.

Calm your mind and uplift your senses surrounding yourself with the medieval energy of the landscape. The five star facilities of Kyniska Palace, including an atmospheric wellness center, a gastronomy restaurant and three swimming pools, along with the numerous activities in the nature and the unique destinations to explore nearby, will allow you to unfold step by step a one-of-a-kind experience of unprecedented emotions.Feel the discreet luxury of Kyniska Palace Hotel, revive your senses and experience the unexpected along with your partner , family or group of friends.

Never before has a journey been so complete and invigorating. For the first time, an all-suite boutique hotel in the Peloponnese blends the majesty of the past with the delights of modern living in such a unique way.

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